Stump Grinding

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THe Easy way

That stump just sitting in your yard. Too big to remove the hard way.  When you have such a large task it’s not uncommon the stump is left behind,  to difficult to remove withough heavy equipement.  Let AMANCO help make quick work of it, and start enjoying your stump-free yard today!

Why it's important

Stumps are not only and eyesore in your landscaping, but they can also present some specific risks to your safety and the overall health of your yard. Some of those risks can even present some financial consequences if not addressed properly. Pests like Termites, Carpenter Ants, Voles and other critters LOVE the opportunity to take over an old tree stump and call it home. Also, if you take some time before fixing the problem, decaying stumps only attract pests/fungi more! Furthermore, a tree that isn’t completely dead will continue to actively seek nutrition from your soil- don’t let an old tree stump rob your intentional plants of their nutrition. Don’t skip the last step of the process and get that stump outa there!

- Amanco Tree Services Omaha
- Amanco Tree Services Omaha

a good Idea

There are options for “DIY” stump removal and but generally not a good idea. We are happy to be transparent, and want to acknowledge that you can attempt to remove the unwanted item yourself.  You can use chemical, rent heavy equipment, or “burn” an old stump to remove the item.  NONE of these options are safe, especially if you are not a professional.  The risk to your health and  personal property is simply too big when you can simply call AMANCO to help.  Our prices are reasonable, and service quick! Please don’t put yourself at risk when we can help.

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Without a doubt, handling a tree problem or performing regular maintenance is no small task. Don’t put things off.  Let us show you how affordable and quickly we can get things handled, together. 

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